Under the Sea – Cherry Hill, NJ Newborn Photographer

When your mama is a self proclaimed beach baby and daddy was a commercial fisherman, now the captain of a very large (200 ft) sea vessel in Philadelphia what choice did we have but to incorporate it into this fun nautic newborn shoot?








Ms M, 12 days new

I love meeting the family members of past clients and the M family was no different.  As they welcomed the birth of their second daughter, they called they studio to set up a newborn session.  M’s older sis, K was shy and sweet when I first arrived but warmed up as soon as she got to dress up in her Easter best.  Baby M was an extremely light sleeper and didn’t like being undressed much, but we were still able to capture some amazing moments and family portraits in between awake moments.  Enjoy!

Hair clips are from A Fein Creation.

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15 days old baby B

Baby B’s mommy decided she wanted a newborn photographer late in the game – 13 days after he was born and after seeing the results of the hospital photos.  Normally, I photograph newborns from 6-10 days old when they are less alert and still curly like they were in the womb.  B fought off sleeping most of his session and I got lots of shots of his big baby blues.  But finally, with a great deal of patience we able to get the little man to sleep 🙂

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I think we caught this a second before he starting crying

Look at his full head of hair… so gorgeous!

This pose took work! (and both mom and dad are supporting him)

sigh, so cute

An angel is born

Last week I has the pleasure of photographing 7 day old, baby Z.  She was certainly the tiniest baby I ever held, weighing in at just 5lb 6oz at shoot time. I love all her itty bitty features – hands, toes, lips & her cord bulb.  She’s sure to grow up with some sass like the rest of the women in her family. 🙂