WhoFoo Fluff and Green Eggs Overload

So this post is a little different from my normal posts, but I really wanted to share the experience of planning my little one’s 2nd birthday party.  We wanted to celebrate Liam in a special way and give him a party he would remember.  True, he probably has already forgotten, but we have the pics to prove he was really there.  So if the planning that goes in into a 2 year old birthday party isn’t stressful enough, add in the fact that I made all the decorations and food myself and had the party in my home to the list (probably never again!).

The theme of the party was Dr Seuss’s books.  Though I’d really love to brag that I was so creative and I thought of all the ideas on my own… I have to admit, that’s what Pinterest is for.  I did however, take those ideas and run with them 🙂  I started the planning with Liam’s portrait shoot and was able to take a cute pic of him in the ‘Cat in the Hat’ hat and use it as a welcome sign on each of my doors.  I got finger puppets of the main characters from the books and glued them on feathery sticks on the main food table.

Since the party was at 10:30am, I served breakfast foods and snacks.  We are a kosher household, so I served Green Eggs & (no) Ham (deviled eggs with green food coloring), WhoFoo Fluff on a Stick (strawberries & marshmallows), Fish in a Pot (Swedish Fish), One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (Rainbow Goldfish), Green Eggs & Ham (pretzel rods, candy melts, & a green m&m), Pink Ink Yink Drink (Pink Lemonade and Mint Leaves).   For cake, I made my first ever attempt at cake pops in red, white and blue.  They didn’t come out as pretty as I wanted, but they tasted yummy. I also made Thing One, Thing Two inspired red velvet cupcakes with blue cream cheese icing.

The main activity of the party was building a Wuggle Pet (a baby stuffed animal similar to build-a-bear). All 16 kids had a great time and most importantly so did Liam!  Happy birthday little guy! (click on image to enlarge)